Monday, February 14, 2011

red sissy for Valentine's Day

here is this sissy boy again, this time in a red sheath dress for Valentine's Day - showing my sissy clit tucked back, and in some shot with pubes shaved into a cute little heart-shape.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

serving at the NYC Dominant Ladies Tea, hosted by sissy stephanie

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Here are some photos of me as i served alongside other sissy maids at a tea held for Dominant Ladies, hosted by sissy stephie at her sissy castle in New Jersey.

That's me alongside sissy teri (in green sissy maid uniform, white stockings and red sissy heels), and me alongside the hostess, sissy stephie, also in a black and white French maid's uniform - don't we make a cute pair of sissies? sissy stephie also took the photos of me showing my sissy clit, nicely tied up with a pink satin ribbon with bells attached. A good sissy maid wears bells so her Mistress can hear that Her sissy maid is hard at work even when she is in another room.

i went to Lady Ellen's of Le Femme Finishing School to have my makeup done before heading over to the tea (which was a half hour drive with me in full French maid uniform, and makeup, in broad daylight - oh my!)

If you're a sissy or just consider yourself a non-sissy crossdresser, you must get a make over from Lady Ellen. Even if you live far away from Central New Jersey, it's worth the trip. It takes me two hours (or more in traffic), and i wish i could get there more often! Check out Lady Ellen's services here:

Thank You Lady Ellen once again for making me look as pretty and sissified as possible! Lady Ellen's sissy wife, Kyla also served as a sissy maid at the tea. You can see a little of Kyla in the photo of sissy stephie and me showing our sissy bottoms, Kyla is looking over her shoulder at us silly sissy maids posing with our sissy bottoms on view!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

This sissy maid's preparations for service at a tea tomorrow

i am going to serve as a sissy maid at sissy stephie's tea for Dominant Ladies in NJ tomorrow. A sissy has to look her best, especially when serving Superior Dominant Females. Therefore, i finally shaved my legs and chest this morning. Cleanly shaven legs look so much better in sheer seamed stockings. Also, this sissy's pubic area is now shaved into a cute, very feminine heart-shape. i expect that the Dominant Ladies may notice and have a good laugh!

i am going to Lady Ellen, of LeFemme Finishing School (, in the morning to get fully made-up and dressed there before heading over to sissy stephie's sissy castle. i find it so humiliating, yet exciting, to go outside and for a drive (in this case it's a half hour ride from Lady Ellen's to sissy stephie's) in full daylight while wearing makeup, a wig, earrings, an ultra short French maid's uniform, complete with pouffy petticoats, seamed stockings and sky high heels. The skirt of my uniform is so short that my stocking tops and garters show, especially when sitting in the car. i wonder if any truckers looking down into my car will notice. Oh my.

If anyone is willing to take pictures at the tea tomorrow, i will post them here. Stay tuned.

most humbly,

sissy mimi

Sunday, January 16, 2011

more pictures of sissy maid mimi in service

Here's a few more photos of me as i helped clean Lady Ellen's home prior to Her 'Meet the Mistresses' meetup group dinner.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sissy Maid back in service

i started this blog almost a year ago and promptly neglected it. i will try to keep posting on it, starting today. i will begin with some photos and add some more information from time to time.

You can always see plenty of photos of me at:

Today's photos were taken at Lady Ellen's. Lady Ellen is a friend of the crossdressing community. She is also a Dominant Female. Lady Ellen runs Le Femme Finishing School, and you can learn all about it on Her website:

Lady Ellen also moderates a great Meetwebsite for crossdressers:

More pictures of Lady Ellen are here:

i have had several makeovers from Lady Ellen, and i've served as Her sissy maid, cleaning Her home and being played with and photographed by Her and Her live-in sissy, Kyla.

  • These photos were taken at a 'Meet the Mistresses' party hosted by Lady Ellen. i did a little cleaning before the party, helped serve during the party, answered the door as quests arrived and served as the coat check girl, all while fully made up by Lady Ellen and dressed in my red French maid's uniform.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

adventures of a sissy male crossdresser

i am a male crossdresser, and i get excited by wearing women's clothing. i especially get excited by being 'feminized' in beauty parlors and salons and trying on women's clothing in stores.

These photos are of me in Donna's Hair Salon in Ewing NJ where i went to get fully made over and dressed as a female before i went shopping for dresses. Donna's Hair has more than a few male crossdressers as customers, so they are familiar with 'sissifying' or 'feminizing' males. i went into Donna's dressed as a male, and left looking like a female. i arrived at Donna's with my lingerie already on under my male outer clothing. i was wearing a strong Victorian style lace-up corset to give me a smaller, more girlish waistline, sheer black stockings attached to the garters on the corset, a bra, and silky panties. As soon as i got to Donna's i used the restroom to change my outter clothes. i first put my silicone breast forms into my 40D bra, then i put on a black satin slip, my black lacy dress and black satin high heels on and then went out into the salon. i certainly got a lot of attention then - a tall male with short male hair wearing a dress, stockings, heels and with a feminine figure - large breasts, a smaller waist and wider hips. i wear padded panties to make my hips more femininely wide. i am six two in my stockings, but i had on 4 inch heels, so i am extremely tall when dressed the way i like to dress - very feminine - wearing very high heels. The first thing they did was have me sit at the nail station in this half-male, half female getup, and the young female nail technician put long acrylic nails on me and polished them a deep red. She chatted away with me as if i were one of the 'real girls,' even though it was clear to everyone there that i was a sissy male in a dress and heels, getting my nails lenghtened and polished just like a girl. After my nails were finished - a good half hour process or more - then i minced over to another station where another beautician worked on my face. i was fully made up with long false eye lashes, foundation, rouge, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil and a deep red lipstick. i also had female wig brushed out and styled. Once it was complete the ladies in the shop took some pictures of me in all my feminized glory. Then it was off to go try on some dresses at David's Bridal - I'll write about that in the next post.

Plenty of pictures of me can be seen on Flickr at