Saturday, January 29, 2011

This sissy maid's preparations for service at a tea tomorrow

i am going to serve as a sissy maid at sissy stephie's tea for Dominant Ladies in NJ tomorrow. A sissy has to look her best, especially when serving Superior Dominant Females. Therefore, i finally shaved my legs and chest this morning. Cleanly shaven legs look so much better in sheer seamed stockings. Also, this sissy's pubic area is now shaved into a cute, very feminine heart-shape. i expect that the Dominant Ladies may notice and have a good laugh!

i am going to Lady Ellen, of LeFemme Finishing School (, in the morning to get fully made-up and dressed there before heading over to sissy stephie's sissy castle. i find it so humiliating, yet exciting, to go outside and for a drive (in this case it's a half hour ride from Lady Ellen's to sissy stephie's) in full daylight while wearing makeup, a wig, earrings, an ultra short French maid's uniform, complete with pouffy petticoats, seamed stockings and sky high heels. The skirt of my uniform is so short that my stocking tops and garters show, especially when sitting in the car. i wonder if any truckers looking down into my car will notice. Oh my.

If anyone is willing to take pictures at the tea tomorrow, i will post them here. Stay tuned.

most humbly,

sissy mimi

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